Monday, May 27, 2013

Fleeting Spring

I can hardly believe that two months have passed since spring's arrival back in March!  It seems like just yesterday, I was counting down the days till spring and now summer is just around the corner!

Spring is such a fleeting season.  Every day something exciting is happening in the gardens!  One week, the fruit trees are in full bloom, the next week, all the blossoms have disappeared with the wind.  The perfume of the lilacs is strong and enchanting , but that doesn't last long either.  So much is happening all at once, but much of it does not remain for long.  I have to remind myself to take note of every little detail; each new bud; every single flower; all the delicious new scents.  I make sure to thank for these tiny miracles of spring.  They are fleeting and I know that I will have to wait for next spring to be in their presence again.  

Spring has brought the return of many marvelous things!  The birds are back...robins, house finches, goldfinches, song sparrows, doves, starlings, grackles, and black-capped chickadees; just to name a few! 

One of my favorites, of course, are the robins!  This little guy was splashing around in our bird bath last week!  Isn't he precious?

This is a photo of our crabapple tree in full bloom, over a week ago.  I love how the scent of the blossoms is carried over to me in the breeze.  I drank up their scent while they lasted because...

after several days in bloom, the heavy rain and strong winds caused the delicate petals to fall.  It's funny how even the scattered petals are a pretty sight!

All sorts of things are blooming now...

the bleeding hearts

the irises

these beautiful tulips, planted by the former owner of our home.  Does anyone know the name of these?

And can you guess what this is?

It's rhubarb! I harvested it from my backyard!  Last Friday, I made a strawberry rhubarb pie using several stalks from our plant.

Some of you may remember my post from two years ago. I was given some free rhubarb by the kind ladies from our local Cookstown Antique Market.  I made a strawberry rhubarb pie with the stalks and my husband planted some of the rhubarb in our yard.  Now we have fresh rhubarb to look forward to every spring!

Here is the pie before...

And after!  I just love the black pie bird in the center!   There's just something about a blackbird baked into a pie!  Don't you think so?

Baking this pie makes me feel like I am taking nothing for granted this season.  I love spring and its whirlwind of daily surprises!   I plan on enjoying every single day and making the most of this glorious season because before long it will be summer!

Happy Monday!  Happy Memorial day to my American friends!  Have a wonderful week, dear friends!


  1. You captured the essence of Spring here, dear! Love the gorgeous photos! My fav is the cute robin splashing about! It IS hard to believe that 2 months have flown by so quickly!!! Enjoy your week. They say we can expect rain here for most of the week. xo...Karen

  2. Thanks so much, Karen! My fav is the robin, too! "Tut-tut, it looks like rain!" The rain will keep your garden very happy! xo

    1. ....says Christopher Robin! :-)

  3. Thank you for that enchanting visit to your garden. I just love the crabapple tree blossoms. I know what you mean about things being fleeting in the Spring. I waited for the lily of the valley for so long and they were here and then gone in a flash. Their scent is so wonderful. Your rhubarb pie looks wonderful. The crust looks especially flaky. You are such a good cook and baker. I would love to live close by to sample some of your pies and cakes but probably better for my waistline not being so close. I may make a peach pie when peaches are in season as a special treat. Think family gets tired of no desserts. Anyway, I just love your garden and all that you lovingly make for your family. xo

    1. Thank you, Sandy! You are too kind with your compliments! I really do wish we didn't live so far from one another. We have so much in common...we could talk about the birds in our yard, the flowers in our gardens and we could sample each other's yummy dishes! I would so love to meet you in person one day!!

      I remember when you baked a scrumptious peach pie a couple years back. I believe you posted the picture of it on facebook. I think it would be a lovely treat for you and your family. See, if I lived nearby, I would come by for a slice! xo

  4. Love all theh pictures, Rosinda. My Your camera is awesome to get that robin and the water droplets flying in the air.

    I've googled tulips and can't find that tulip... I found something like a lily tulip it might be... google yellow with red stripe tulip and You'll see lots :)

    Love spring and so wish it would slow down :)

    1. Thank you so much, Denise! I do so love my camera! I must admit, I have a bit of an obsession with taking photos! lol

      Thanks for trying to find out about the tulips. I've tried looking on Google before, but remember I wasn't able to find the exact ones.

      Say it with me..."Spring, SLOW DOWN!" xo

  5. Rosinda,
    Everything looks so wonderful. Love the flowers, specially the BLEEDING HEARTS my dad's favorite flower :)Love the robin, the pie etc...etc...
    Your garden has a bit of many different things, that makes it so special. I know how much you love admiring nature and with your passion for photos and your nice camera, you share with us your LOVE for everything LIFE is offering you. Thank you for sharing!
    Love you. XO

    1. Thanks, Mom! This blog is an outlet for me to share all the things that make me happy. Thanks for always supporting me. Love you! xo

  6. Dear Rosinda,

    I LOVE the bleeding hearts....they have always been a favorite. I had them at the log house, but of course, not here. I will get some planted at Cadie's new house so she can enjoy them, too.

    Your flowers are lovely.............and the pie? R's favorite!!! It's his very favorite kind! Do you have a special piecrust recipe? It looks so beautiful!!!


    1. Thank you so much, dear Joann! Bleeding hearts are so pretty! They were my grandfather's favorite! I'm sure Cadie will enjoy having them at her new house! They are very easy to care for and spread quite rapidly!

      The pie crust recipe I use is easy as pie! ;)

      2 cups all-purpose flour
      1/2 tsp salt
      3/4 cup shortening
      6 tablespoons of water (more or less)

      I brushed egg wash over the top before I put the pie in the oven to give it that golden color!

      I also think the pie crust puffs up because of the pie bird! :)

  7. Of course you love spring--you're in the spring of your own life as well! When I saw the bird in the birdbath, I thought he was ceramic and a part of it--didn't know he was real! I believe those are called parrot tulips tho maybe not. Here we have the jacaranda trees and they're covered with purple blossoms now. Eventually the sidewalks will be carpeted with them. I love them--never saw them before I came here. I do have one complaint--that pie slice looks suspiciously like the one you gave to me. Did you think I wouldn't notice?

    1. Thanks for your comments, Nancy! I'm not sure mine are parrot tulips, only because mine don't have the frayed edges. Hmmmm. We don't have jacaranda trees here. It must be beautiful to see them in full bloom!!

      You got me, I shared your slice with the others. Sorry! ;o)

  8. Dear Rosinda! What a lovely post about spring...all your gorgeous blooms, birds, and the pie looks perfect....yummmmm!! I have not posted in a long time..had so much trouble with my computer. But am always sooo interested in your blog, sweetie!
    Love and hugs, Sherry xo

  9. Thank you, dear Sherry! It makes me happy to see you here again! Hope you had a fabulous Memorial day weekend! Love and hugs xoxo

  10. Hi Rosinda: I read through the comments above and was happy to find the recipe for your pie crust--was going to ask you for it as it looks so good! I collect pie birds but have never tried using them so will inspire me to bake a rhubarb pie for my husband! Pat M. :-)

    1. Hello Pat! Thank you for your comments. It makes me so happy to hear that I have inspired you to make a rhubarb pie. I'm sure your husband will appreciate that. Have fun with it!! :)