Friday, March 1, 2013

This Week's Simple Pleasures...

Isn't it funny how the simplest things often matter the most?  For instance...

Spotting this female Pine Grosbeak in my crabapple tree on Tuesday.  There are actually two.  Can you find the other one?

Enjoying this pretty flower arrangement every day of this week

Waking up to this magical scene outside my front door yesterday

Appreciating all the splendor of winter, while keeping warm and cozy indoors

Cuddling with my sweet Buddy, who adds so much love and happiness to my world

Preparing a simple, but special lunch just for me 
In case, you're wondering, it's a tuna and cheddar cheese melt

What simple pleasures have you enjoyed this week?  


  1. Beautiful pictures Rosinda!! It took me a few minutes but I did finally see the second birdie! :) And I know what I'm making myself for lunch today...looks yummy! xx

  2. Your sweet Buddy! Love him! I appreciate the simple things, enjoying pretty snowfall or watching the birds at the feeder. Simple joys of life. Your lunch is making me hungry!! It's fun coming to your blog and learning more of what comes from your heart! xo....Karen

  3. Hi sweetie! Spotted that birdie staring straight at the lens, what a show off! Gorgeous pictures. I so agree, it's these little things that make everyday life so worth while. And you are wonderful at spotting & making the most of them xoxo hugs & have a fabulous weekend

  4. What wonderful and delightful pleasures they are indeed!!!! LOVE kitty on the tuft!!

    I LOVE tuna melts, as we call them in our house----yummy!!!

    Oh, you're getting little Easter things out as well!! It will be here so soon!! I've taken down all the Valentine's things and should have Easter up and running by end of today.... someone needs to slow time down a bit!!!

    You didn't even include your darling haircut, but for ME, it's the HIT Of the century!!! DARLING, DARLING, DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joann in CO

  5. Love your post and yes often the simplest things bring the most pleasure. I did spot the second bird. They are so pretty. Hopefully they will continue to come to your tree. Love the little tablescape you made in your entry hall with the bunny and beautiful flowers. Buddy looks so comfy and he is very handsome.
    Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  6. Ahh keep up the spirit of appreciation. There are many wonderful ways to be happy--if we're open to it. ♥