Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Week of Celebrations!

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate Oprah Winfrey

To say that I have had my hands full this past week would be a huge understatement.  In the short span of seven days, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday, Valentine's Day, Family Day, and a few other things in between! 

It all started with our pancake dinner party on Shrove Tuesday...
My nieces Emily and Chloe joined us for our pancake dinner, in pajamas, of course!

We had pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner!

For Valentine's day, I baked my first ever heart-shaped cheesecake...
with a cinnamon graham cracker crust.  I baked it in a water bath - a fool-proof method to prevent cracking and sinking.  I topped it with cherries. It looked so pretty and was so delicious! 

This is the gorgeous bouquet of flowers my husband surprised me with on Valentine's day!

And...he cooked a special dinner for us too...
Is there anything more romantic than a man who can cook?

Here's Anita, having a little fun...

One of the best things we celebrated this week, was my father-in-law's last day of chemo and radiation therapy.  We are all thrilled with his progress.  To see him doing so well after everything he has been through these past six weeks, is a blessing!  Our family got together on the weekend, as we do every weekend, and shared a delicious meal lovingly made my mother-in-law.  We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for good news next month when he follows up with the doctor.  Please keep him in your thoughts.  

Yesterday, we celebrated Family Day - a statutory holiday celebrated in parts of Canada.  We went out for breakfast in the morning and spent the rest of the day indoors, tucked away from the cold.  We relaxed, watched TV, enjoyed a fire and made a yummy mixed seafood platter for dinner.

Crab, shrimp, squid, scallops and clams

...and after

All in all, it was a joyous week filled with happy occasions and many reasons to celebrate.
 How was your week?  Was it busy for you too?  Did you celebrate anything?

Wishing you all a happy week with many little reasons to celebrate!  xoxo


  1. Absolutely beautiful post!!!!!!

    Have a great day!!

  2. Loving that the girls are into the sea food as well. Great post honey!

  3. That looks soooo good!!

  4. WOWZA you've made me extra super hungry. I believe you'd made a pancake-craver out of me. But wait when we get to the seafood I'm swooning. LOVE it all. I really laughed at Anita's nose pinching lobster. She's a riot. I'll keep sending good thoughts to your father in law. Hope he gets 100% healed results soon. ♥

  5. Rosinda,
    Loved everything on your post:
    The beautiful faces, the smiles, The flowers, the pancakes and the seafood. Everything looks so perfect!!! Perfect as you:)
    I'm keeping your father-in-law in my prayers, and hoping for a 100% Good as New results. He's a strong man and with everyones's support he's going to be just fine:)
    Love you,

  6. OOOOh-you make me miss the piles of fresh seafood I enjoyed during my east coast years! It's alll gorgeous- but that's what I pine for most. Bestest, deepest prayers for one and all of you. xo

  7. You have had a busy week, too!!! Oh my goodness....such great reasons to celebrate!! I LOVE the flowers from Nuno---great taste in flowers; a delightful mix of colors!!

    We are happy to be home after a busy week of fun----now back to work. I've got a townhouse to empty for closing on Friday!!



  8. Spreading sunshine is what you do best... in addition to making pancakes! LOL! So glad to know you! Celebrating life's little milestones along the way and making them ever so special add JOY to life.

    Thank You Rosinda!
    Georgie xoxo

  9. What a beautiful post, Rosinda! The food is as much a feast for the eyes as I'msure it was for your tummies! That seafood looks amazing! Looks like you had a very special week!