Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

vintage Halloween post card

Getting ready for the big day...

 I-N-H-A-L-E.  The smell of pumpkin fills the kitchen. We love squishing the stringy pulp in our hands and scooping out the seeds! 

Ahem, a little assistance from Daddy for the polka-dots!
The pumpkin seeds are rinsed, dried and seasoned for roasting...
Hot and ready to eat!

Annabel's polka-dot jack-o-lantern

Anita's ghostly jack-o-lantern, designed by her!

 My heart-o-lantern
And last but not least, my cat Buddy, "dressed up" for Halloween...

I can't show you the girls' costumes yet, as children are not allowed to dress up at their school.  I find it silly, but anyhow, they will have all day to anticipate dressing up after school! 

It continues to rain this morning, as it has been for the past few days.  Hopefully, we will see a reprieve for the  trick-or-treaters tonight.  How is the weather behaving where you are?  Are any of you dressing up today?  Are you doing anything special tonight?  I would love to know how you are celebrating today.   

Happy Halloween, dear friends!  I hope you all enjoy a safe, fun night!  xo


  1. Love the heart pumpkin. Another great post.
    Also enjoy reading of your cold days and snow from down here in Texas.


  2. Oh that all brings back memories. Love them all. Never saw a heart o'lantern before. That's hard to do so precisely--good job to all of you. Anita's was really scary and I'm impressed with Annabel using a power tool with a broken arm. So happy she's on the mend. Have a fun night tonight!

  3. Dear Rosinda! Waited to post this until after Halloween...the girls and their sweet mom had darling outfits!!! And your pumpkins turned out great!! Such a fun holiday!! Can hardly believe it is now November!! Wow!!! Love and lots of hugs, Sherry xo

  4. Hi sorry that i somehow missed this post until now!! I LOVE all your pumpkins...dare I say that Annabel's polka dots are my favourite?? It's a very close call though...:-) I also adore munching roasted pumpkin seeds, so that made my mouth water too. we really still don't 'do' Hallowe'en here...but William had a little party at the farm that I went to...there was a candlelit treasure hunt & we cooked burgers & sausages on the outdoor barbecue and sipped spiced warm apple juice & cups of butternut squash & ginger!! Hoping you're all enjoying November xoxoxo Much love