Saturday, October 1, 2011

With Love, From Paris, Day 6 Continued

Unfortunately, the ending of my last blog post didn't get published, so I am going to continue on from where I left off...the merry-go-round.

Have you ever seen a merry-go-round with two floors?  

Anita and Annabel riding on the top level

I loved riding on this merry-go-round.  It was so special!  When we got off the ride, a bride and groom came on to have their wedding photos taken!  Isn't that romantic?

I will never forget this special night!

An incredible, unforgettable view!

At approximately 9:20 pm, we walked over to the tower to meet my friend Lurdes and her family!  Lurdes moved to France a few years ago. She and her family drove from near Versaille to come meet with us.

Lurdes and I

Just the girls ( Annabel, Anita, Ana Teresa, Me, Lurdes and Cindy)

The whole gang (except Cindy, who took the photo)

It was wonderful seeing Lurdes and her family.  They invited us to a nearby cafe and we sat, chatted, and drank our coffee. I really appreciate them coming all the way to meet with us, especially after a long day at work. 

Eventually, we said our goodbyes and took a cab back to the apartment.  It was the end of another fabulous day.  I do hope you enjoyed coming along with us on day 6.  Oh goodness, there's only one day left!  


  1. Your whole trip was a love fest, either surrounded by friends or beautiful, romantic places. So has your fear of flying evaporated with the steam from the croissants?

  2. Oh, I think I solved my posting problem, so here goes....I have loved every travel post and you make it so wonderful, I really felt like I got to be there in spirit with you. How wonderful that you were able to connect with more friends on your trip!!! Just love those luminous night shots!!! And I bet there was no tripod!!! Sending a big hug, Sherry xxxxx