Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Celebration!

A Royal Wedding!  When I was a child, I used to dream of days like these.  The fairytale prince marrying his beloved, the princess, marrying her prince charming.  Well, it happened today!  And I was right there to see it, in my living room, of course.  The girls and I woke up bright and early to watch it LIVE on television.  And boy was it worth it! 

Yesterday evening, I made lemon scones to have with our tea this morning.  I used flour, sour cream, egg, butter,  and lemon zest.

The tops of the scones are brushed with whipping cream and sugar!

I baked the scones at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes. The kitchen smelled lovely!

The "royal" table was set in the living room.  There was candlelight, royal wedding tea, lemon scones, raspberry jam, and black currant jam.  The pretty union jack napkins were a gift from my dear friend, Rachel, who lives in UK.  

Here is Anita, who was so excited to watch the wedding, she woke up all on her own!  

And here is Annabel, who watched most of the ceremony, but then fell fast asleep on the couch.

11:00 am, England time.  The ceremony is about to begin!

Kate looked incredibly beautiful!  Her dress was perfect.  I loved the lace, the neckline, bodice, the whole thing, really!

I took all these photos with my camera, directly from the television.  Just wanted to share some of the highlights with you.  I wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness!  Their wedding, a modern-day fairytale, has brought hope and inspiration to the world.  I feel blessed to have shared this historic day with them! 


  1. Ah Rosinda!What a beautiful reminder of such a special day! Love the pictures of your patriotic table, the yummy lemon scones and most importantly YOUR 2 gorgeous princesses!! Was so wonderful to share the magic with you via Twitter xoxo Thanks sweetheart

  2. How magical you made it for your little girls!! This was real but it did seem like a fairytale! It was a day none of us will ever forget. I, too, wish the couple much happiness in their lives together and in shaping history. Sending you love, Sherry xx

  3. Crumbs! What time did you all get up? Your wedding tea and table look spectacular.

  4. Thank you Rachel, Sherry and Helen for your comments! The girls and I got up at 5:00 am to watch.

  5. Gee how did I not know this was there. Thought I've seen all your tweets. Blogtard strikes again. You're a fab on the spot reporter and I love the way your tv photos look, sort of as tho they were drawn not photographed. Very cool!

  6. :) what fun! I wish i had taken pictures and these were your very own pictures. Everything looked great, Rosinda! I was so proud to have woken up to such a delicious day :)

    Denise of Ingleside

  7. It was such a magical day, I loved every minute of it and cried from start to finish!
    Your Royal tea table looked darling and I love the thought of having scones for breakfast!
    I always find it fascinating that in America (and now I see Canada!) scones are cut into triangle wedge shapes, when we Brits cut them in rounds! I wonder when and why we decided to shape them differently? Will have to find this out now, otherwise it will drive me nuts not knowing!
    I always use milk in scones, so I wonder what they tastle like with sour cream instead? I am making some on Friday for the pub, so perhaps I will use sour cream for a change!
    Love Morwenna

  8. Well, Rosinda, I thought I would start at the beginning of your blog....this IS the first entry, is it? I cannot believe that the Royal Wedding has been two years ago already! Seems like almost yesterday! I watched it from a hotel room in Phoenix, on a business trip with my hubby! No adorable tea table like you have here! You made the experience so special for your girls with the yummy scones and tea in Emma Bridgewater mugs. Love every bit of this fun blog, honey! xoxo...Karen