Monday, April 25, 2011

For the Love of Butter Chicken

First of all, I would like to say, "Welcome to my blog!".  After months of "Should I?  Shouldn't I?", I have finally taken the plunge and created my own blog.  Here I will post some of my culinary adventures where I can express my love and passion for cooking.  I really hope you enjoy and will follow me on my trails.  This very first post is regarding Saturday's lunch - Indian butter chicken.  
I have adapted this recipe from Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, where I first found him cooking on a youtube video.  Here are some of the ingredients used to make the sauce:

Diced tomatoes and spices should be cooked until soft and mushy, for approximately 10 minutes.

Once tomatoes are soft, pulse in the food processor until smooth.
Next step is to pour sauce through a sieve to remove all tomato seeds, skin, etc.  These are thrown out, and you are left with a smooth, aromatic, tomato gravy.
Sauce is then returned to skillet, add your chicken (I like to use cubed chicken breast).  The last step is to add whipping cream, which makes the sauce creamy and delicious!  

I always like to serve basmati rice and naan bread with the butter chicken.  The best part of the butter chicken, for me is the sauce.  The naan bread is perfect for dipping!  


  1. Dearest Rosinda! Am I the first to comment on your BEAUTIFUL new blog?? So happy you've taken the plunge! And so wonderful to see gorgeous you too. Recipe & pictures look yummy! I'm hot & tired in my unit kitchen & this has cheered my spirits! Love love love from Rachel xxxx

  2. Your blog is beautiful, Rosinda, and it's so lovely to see you working in your kitchen. Congratulations on beginning such an exciting project! xoxo

  3. Hi, sweetie! Congratulations on your blog!! It looks beautiful, food yummy, and I wish you tons of fun creating and sharing!! Sending good wishes your way, Sherry xx

  4. Hey Honey congrats on the Blog, it looks great and so do you. Have fun honey!

  5. WOW Good for you Rosinda. AND there was something to click for me to FOLLOW your blog, something I never knew how to do before. Maybe I can try that on Rachel's blogs. Sheesh I'm a blogtard. Your blog looks great and hey even tho I can't stand the smell of curry so can never go to an Indian restaurant, this recipe looks delicious. Let us know how much of everything you put in. Can't wait for the cookbook! Keep up the good work!

  6. I love your blog. Just trying to make commenting work at last. Want to see full recipe so I can make butter chicken too!

  7. Yay I have ade my way through the posts back to the very first one and I am looking forward all of the posts to come!
    The butter chicken looks yummy! Is it quite mild? I have never tried it as I always thought it was a mild curry and I like mine rather spicy, such as a pathia or a garlic balti. Do you liek your Indian food spicy?
    Love Morwenna