Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter, Inspiration and Carrot Cake

It is customary to have lunch at my parents' house every Easter.  Since my Mom makes the lunch, I usually like to bring dessert, and this year was no exception.  I thought, what could I make that would go well with the Easter theme?  And then carrot cake came to mind.  Carrots remind me of bunnies and bunnies remind me of Easter. Now I needed a delicious carrot cake recipe.  Of course, the first that came to mind was Susan Branch's Three Layer Carrot Cake.  If you don't know who Susan Branch is, well let me tell you!  She is by far one of the most inspirational people in my life.  She is a wonderful author and artist.  Her recipes, art, and writing have inspired me for years.  You know, if I was ever asked to choose any person in the world to meet and talk to, the name "Susan Branch" would roll off my tongue, straightaway!

This was my first Susan Branch book, bought over 10 years ago.

Inside this book are recipes for many delicious desserts, including her delicious three-layer carrot cake.  I have made this cake before and it is absolutely yummy!  I have since adapted the recipe and altered it for this year's Easter celebration. 

Carrots, vanilla, and spices

Stirring coconut and walnuts into the batter

Cooling three 9 inch rounds on racks.  The kitchen smelled divine!

 Icing the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and decorating it with mini cadbury eggs.

The carrot cake was ready for travel to Toronto.  

Our Easter lunch was delicious, as usual.  We had oven-roasted chicken and potatoes.   For dessert, we had carrot cake!  It was a happy Easter.  I hope your Easter was delicious too! 


  1. It's GORGEOUS--I love all the layers and the sprinkling of the coconut---pretty, pretty, pretty!!!


  2. It looks yummy and so pretty with the three layers and little eggs and coconut on top.
    Your blog is beautiful!xoxo

  3. How beautiful! I'm planning to move next door to you or your mom and be invited to all your feasts. Gotta go pack! Love the blog--you're doing a great job!

  4. How beautiful Rosinda! Truly impressed by the gorgeous carrot cake...and loved to hear the inspiration behind it! Susan really formed us merry band of Tweetettes didn't she? A lovely tribute and great to hear & almost taste your wonderful Easter dinner!Can't wait for you to post Bacalhau!! Love you xxoo

  5. I love the touch of the cadbury eggs. That cake looks scrumptious!!

  6. Oh, I am sorry to be late in posting : ( Your creation is lovely!! I am really enjoying your pretty blog, Rosinda! Happy dreaming, creating, baking, and sharing with us!! Love and hugs, Sherry xx

  7. Mmm the carot cake looks lovely! I expect everyone wanted senconds and thirds!
    I LOVE three layer cakes, but they are too much for my customers who usually complain that it is far too much cake for them! So I usually make them for special occasions for the family. Lately I have been making carrot cupcakes which have gone down really well.
    Love Morwenna