Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Week in Pictures (May 6-13)

A picture is worth a thousand words...

How adorable is this little guy?  He's a little camera-shy though!

Fiddlehead picking in the forest on a drizzly Tuesday

Perfect for the picking!

Fiddlehead season is over, but not at our house!  We trimmed,washed, boiled and froze
the fiddleheads for yummy meals to come!

Do you know what these are?

The white trillium  - the emblem and official flower of the province of Ontario
I was overjoyed to find an entire field of them alongside the highway

Our crabapple tree in full bloom

Yotam Ottolenghi's recipe for baked eggplant

My first attempt at Victoria Sponge

Saturday, getting ready for a Mother's day celebratory lunch

Lunch at Red Lobster Seafood Restaurant

Sunday - Mother's Day - in my parents' pretty yard with my Mom and my girls

I hope everyone enjoyed this past week as much as I did.  Here, in Barrie, it looks like yet another beautiful weather week to come.  I feel blessed and thankful.  How was your week? 


  1. Love it! Love the chipmonk pic, looks like me eating that cake. All cheeks.

  2. Oh how gorgeous everyone looks!!!! I will definitely have to try the eggplant recipe; it looks fantastic---the colors and textures- WOW!!

    You girls all look so beautiful!!!!!!! 3 generations for Mother's Day---I hope it was just fantastic!!!

    Love from CO,


  3. Popping in to say a Happy Belated Mother's Day and what a charming picture of
    your 3 generations of gorgeous gals!! All the photos are just lovely...that chipmunk is riot!! Oh, how I wish we had fiddlehead ferns growing here. Our forest is too dry, I think... Sending a big hug, Sherry xoxo

  4. Hello sweetheart,
    Everything looks wonderful and you all look so lovely and happy too.
    The chipmunk is adorable and you did a great job foraging for Fiddleheads.
    The Victoria Sponge and the eggplants (aubergines to us over the pond!) look delicious and I am sure they tasted even better.
    I adore seafood so your din dins at The Red Lobster looks divine.
    Sending you love and best wishes for a fabulous week ahead.
    Love Morwenna

  5. Thank you for sharing the photos of your week...lovely! I had never heard of fiddlehead ferns until Sandy mentioned that she cooks them...interesting! Hope you have a wonderful, sunny and warm day! xo Laura

  6. Love your week in pictures-- like some of the old news magazines used to do. Now you've reminded me how much I want Victoria sponge. Meanwhile I do not believe those fiddle-de-de-heads are edible. I think they are fictional creations written by Rod Serling in collaboration with Steven King. If you disappear, I know it's because they've escaped from your freezer and unfurled--around your NECK.

  7. Your life is beautiful! xoxo