Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Victoria Day!

Today we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday!  This day has been celebrated in Canada since 1845.  After Queen Victoria's death in 1901, May 24th became known as Victoria Day!  And we've been celebrating it ever since!

I made this victoria sponge cake to commemorate the holiday.
Did you know Victoria sponge was named after Queen Victoria?
It was the queen's favourite cake for afternoon tea!

I saved a slice, just for you!

Early Saturday morning, we went garage sale hunting!  The weather was perfect for it.
There were so many yard sales.  It was lots of fun!

Nuno and the girls took advantage of the hot, summer-like weather to wash our car.

Do you remember the last snow we had in early April? The one after all the warm temperatures in March? Well, just as the magnolias were getting ready to open, the snow and frost killed them.  But a miracle happened!  This weekend, one of the magnolias actually bloomed!  Isn't it beautiful?

Yesterday, we had breakfast at one of my favourite places - Mariposa bakery in Orillia!

The weather this weekend was glorious.  It is feeling more like Summer, than Spring.  We spent the day with my in-laws yesterday at their summer trailer home.  It got so hot that Nuno and the girls actually went swimming in the lake, in MAY, for goodness sake!  Today, I woke up to more sunshine and the promise of continued heat.  I am not complaining; not one bit.

I'll leave you with this video of my Henrietta.  She too, is enjoying the warm weather and the long weekend holiday!  Watch...

Happy Victoria Day!  No matter where you are or what you are doing, I hope you are smiling!


  1. What a fun weekend and you still have a day to go. Lucky! Everything looks beautiful (OK the cake is my fave but you knew that). Seems a joke from Mother Nature that global warming has made Canada like Florida and my part of Los Angeles like the refrigerated section in the market. I have to drive 10 miles to take off my coat. Boo is a computer addict as I guess everyone knows and he was enthralled to watch Henrietta have a dust bath--he sat and purred at her. She's his first chicken, well living chicken. You sounded adorable as usual. Have fun today. I'm off to sleep. ♥

  2. Happy Victoria Day, Rosinda!! Oh, the sponge cake looks heavenly! Is it a raspberry filling?? Lots of fun, family things to do...and swimming in the lake this time of year is a special treat for you!!! I just loved the magnolia in bloom and seeing Henrietta's dust bath!! How cute is that?!! Have a wonderful day...waving a little Canadian flag to you!! Lots of hugs, Sherry xoxo

  3. Happy Victoria Day Rosinda, Nuno, Anita and Annabel:)
    Everything looks so beautiful. You have a little of everyhting. The cake, the magnolia, the car wash even Henrietta was part of it. I just loved seeing Anita and Annabel helping daddy:)
    Rosinda May 24th is one of our Special dates to remember:)
    It was on a Wednesday May 24th, 1978 @ 12:00am, we landed in Canada. The most Beautiful country in the World,that I'm so proud to call mine!!!
    Enjoy your Day with Nuno and the girls. Love you all. XOOXO

  4. What a great day you all had on Saturday. Love going to garage sales and getting out. Cute picture of family washing the car and love Henrietta taking a "bath" in the dust. She certainly looks like she was having a great time. Your sponge cake is looking amazing. xoxo

  5. Mmm...that cake looks delicious! Happy Victoria Day!

  6. You put a smile on my face :-). I'm so glad your Victoria Day weekend was fun. I loved reading about it, and seeing Henrietta, of course! She's the luckiest chicken ever -- I wish they were all treated as well as she is! xoxo

  7. OK, that was wonderful!!! I'm sorry I missed this post while we were away---it's delightful!! Another great reason to own a chicken-entertainment!!!

    Lovely post always. I hope Victoria Day was fun, but I KNOW your cake was incredible!!

    Joann in CO

  8. Hi I have been following your posts for a few months now. Really enjoy them. I was just reading older posts and wondered if you still have Henrietta? I only found one post and it said to be continued.

    1. So sorry I looked at your blog at home and can now see the video of Henrietta! Could not see it at work. Glad to know she is so happy

    2. Hello Debbie,

      It is lovely to know that you have been following my posts. Thank you for stopping in and leaving your comments! Yes, we still have Henrietta. I'm glad you got to see her video. Henrietta is a very happy chicken, indeed!