Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall-ing For A New Season...

Hello, dear friends!  Happy September!  I can hardly believe that an entire month has passed since my last post!  I have so much to tell you and so much has happened since then! For one thing, my girls are back at school...

Here we are on the first day, getting ready for school

New clothes, new shoes, new backpacks, new notebooks, sharpened pencils and lots of excitement! It was a bittersweet day for me, marking the end of yet another summer at home with my girls.  They are growing up so fast and I treasure these years, more than they will ever know. 

I am happy to report that Anita and Annabel really enjoyed their first week of school and are loving their new teachers.  That, in turn, makes me one happy mommy!

Here in Barrie, the return of a new school year, often means cooler weather.  And we've been having lots of those days.  We've been enjoying sunny and breezy days - a delightful combination! 

The leaves know autumn is coming too.  At about this time, every year, I anticipate spotting the first leaves changing colour! Here they are...it is such a special time of year! 

And of course, the cooler weather has prompted me to start the fall decorating...

Autumn wreath on my front door

Fall flag hanging in front of our garage

Our chrysanthemums are blooming, our scarecrow is tucked into the garden and it is looking mighty fall-y at our house. 

I've been baking too (of course).  I've made a carrot cake loaf and also a couple of banana-chocolate-chip loaves.  It is a perfect fall treat and the girls love taking a slice to school for their afternoon snack.

Although it isn't officially fall, it certainly feels like it.  Autumn is my absolute favourite season and the signs of it arriving are everywhere! 
Like this morning...
I went out to our front porch (in my pyjamas) to take a picture of the beautiful sky as the sun was rising.  The pink and orange streaks were breathtaking and the air was crisp and warning of colder days to come. 
Then, I went inside and watched from my kitchen window; drinking my morning coffee...
...in my pretty new mug!

Oh, and I want to show you our new church.  It isn't complete yet.  The builders are still working on the exterior and the interior is far from finished, but just look how beautiful it looks already...

One day soon, this will be our church and it is only a ten minute walk from our home!

And finally, I will leave you with this little video of our latest backyard visitor - Chippy.

Happy September and almost autumn!  I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy all the splendours of the coming season! xoxo



  1. I am extremely jealous that you got a chipmunk to eat out of your hand. So cool!! :)

  2. Happy that the girls love their teachers. I'll bet the teachers love having the girls in their class.
    Your wreath is so pretty and fall will visit you first I'm sure but there are signs everywhere I look now. Can't wait for the colors. Something so magical about taking a walk in the woods over fallen leaves, crunch, crunch, crunch. I also love to collect some of them and the pretty acorns that fall off the oak trees. Something so neat about them: smooth nd bumpy, shiny and dull, so full of promise of life. And they provide lots of food for all the little animals.
    Thanks for a great post. I so enjoy them all. xoxox

  3. As always, I just loved your new post.I loved everything... The Beautiful faces of my 3 princesses, leaves changing colors, the pink and orange colors of the Sun rising, the cake and the chippy etc..etc...
    Thank you for sharing your so happy and true life stories. Love you so very much> Hugs and kisses to you, Nuno, Anita and Annabel.XOXO

  4. Rosinda,reading your post brought back all the memories of my first days at school with my younger sister and my mom... new outfits, complete with shoes! What a blessing your girls enjoy school :) They are just darling. Your church building looks magnificent. I'm sure once it's completed the praises will fill the temple! Enjoy fall! What a beautiful season.


  5. Despite the girls' defection from childhood and march toward adulthood via school, it looks like you had a perfect week with many wonderful sights--and smells and tastes. BooBoo and I watched you feed your little Chippy--twice. That was fun to see. I think they partially chew, shove it all in their fat cheeks and go off to eat a picnic somewhere else. Keep the pics coming of the autumn leaves--you know how much I love them.

  6. Fall is coming here,too, and it can't be too soon after the hot summer! Your church is beautiful--what religion is it? How nice to be able to walk to church when the weather is nice! When I was growing up in Iowa, we could walk to our church (Presbyterian) and for some reason I remember the walk in detail! Your girls are so cute in the photo all ready for school. Pat M. :-)

  7. Your fall post is so charming, Rosinda! I am so glad the girls love their new teachers and they looked so cute, and growing so fast! All the autumn decorations are lovely and even though I can't quite get into the mood here as temps are headed back into the 90's (F.), I loved seeing your turning leaves!! The video is a treasure! I can't believe you have a wild little chipmunk eating from your hand!!
    Sending love and hugs your way, Sherry xoxo

  8. Ahhh!! Chippy is such a darling - I have only seen chipmunks in the zoo, as of course we don't have them here. A joy to see him. the girls look so proud and happy...your eyes are a little wistful, as I'm sure you were feeling bittersweet about the new term. I would love a slice of that banana choc chip loaf RIGHT NOW please!! And all the other pictures are gorgeous...so lovely to learn more about your beautiful part of Canada & its wildlife. Love you sweetie xoxo

  9. I'm moving in with Rachel--hope she has a corner for me! I had no idea there were no chipmunks in England. YOUR chippy is beyond adorable. MY chipmunks dig up my bedding plants, stick a "treasure" in the hole, and run away. My little plants die... Everything in your post is delightful. The girls look great. I can smell newly-sharpened pencils just reading about the new school year! Gorgeous church. Baking, leaf beauty, YOU are AWESOME. O happy day! xo

  10. Hello dear Rosinda!! The post is just adorable!! I think that Fall is so amazing---and fun that you're getting prepared for it. The chipmunk, however, is over the top cute!!!!! So wonderful that you got him to eat from your hand!!

    It's your loving disposition...he/she could tell you're just a heart full of love!

  11. Hi Rosinda :) Playing catch up tonight :) Love the video, it's so cute you got him to eat out of your hand.

    you guys will to walk to church? won't that be so nice and old fashioned :)

    Hope the girls are loving school. Rilla is still. Avery isn't minding it either and Emily is loving college life :)

    Rilla has her first sleep over friday, she's very excited and getting her room all ready for her guest ;)

    Love you,

    1. Love you too, Denise! Yes, we will be able to walk to church. My girls are enjoying school. I'm glad your kids are as well. Happy first sleep-over to Rilla! <3

  12. How cute! We have chipmunks that we feed (I do it for our grandsons when they come)....we call them "Chippy" too! (Except my one grandson calls them "Chippymunk!") And I have the same Mary Engelbreit flag that you have there, in a smaller version. On windy Autumn day it blew off the flag post and I thought I had lost it forever....so sad because I put it out every Autumn (which is my fav season!). My neighbor found it in his ditch the following Spring. I washed it and it was great! The girls' first day of school photo is so cute! And by now you are enjoying your church! Do you walk there when the weather is nice?