Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Perfectly Pink Princess Party!

On Sunday, my April Fool's baby celebrated her sixth birthday!  I can't believe how quickly the time has passed.  It seems like just the other day, she was turning one, and now she's six years old! 

This year, Annabel chose to celebrate her birthday at home with a pink princess party

On Saturday, I baked chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for the princess celebration and a cheesecake for our evening get-together with family.  I was super excited to do some baking as I don't get to bake very much these days.  It was such a treat!

Scooping batter into muffin tins

Chocolate cupcakes cooling on the rack

Preparing cheesecake for water bath

The morning of Annabel's birthday...

Annabel opening her gifts from Anita.
Annabel loving her new pretty pink dress!
Since Easter is right around the corner, I decorated the vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing, fuzzy, yellow chicks and cadbury mini eggs.  The chocolate cupcakes were dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with sprinkles and cadbury chocolate bunnies. 

The party started at 12:00 pm.  The little girls had pizza for lunch.  I would love to share photos of all the children with you, but because of privacy laws, and such, I cannot.  They played with the pretend kitchen, doll house, colored, read books, played Wii and had lots of fun. 

Soon, it was time for tea...

The tea was really fruit juice, but we'll just pretend! 
Singing happy birthday to Annabel!
After tea and cupcakes, Annabel opened all of her cards and gifts and took pictures with her friends.  They played some more and then it was three...time for all the princesses to go home. 
Later that evening...
After dinner, we had some family over for cake and coffee.  Annabel loves cheesecake, so this was her birthday cake.  I topped it with whipped cream and fresh mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries), her favourite! 
Annabel making a wish and blowing out her candles.  If it were my wish, I would ask to pause the time.  There's no place I'd rather be than right here, right now!  I count my blessings.  They are many!  Annabel is such a sweet, kind little girl.  I am so proud of her and the person she is becoming.  Happy birthday, my darling daughter! 


  1. Rosinda, what a special day for Annabel! I love that her sister got her a birthday book! Your wish made tears come in my eyes as my "baby" is 30 now and just yesterday she was turning six. Annabel looks so beautiful. I love her pink dress. My granddaughter, Elizabeth is having a princess party a week from Saturday. She will be 3 on the 16th. All the girls seem to enjoy the princess theme right now. XO Susan

  2. Heaven on earth--the birthday party of a little girl who is loved. I think we should all get new dresses for our birthdays! The baking looks fabulous, Rosinda! The little chicks and bunnies are sooo cute! And of course the cheesecake looks divine. Again, you always top yourself! xo

  3. What a beautiful party for a beautiful girl! Annabel is so adorable she never fails to melt my heart :-). You did such a wonderful job with the decorating and baking, Rosinda. I know it was a completely magical day for Annabel. I loved seeing the birthday banner on the table with all of your pretty things. And serving Annabel's birthday cupcake on a pedestal was a perfect touch!

  4. Oh what a lovely brithday celebration. Your pictures are so nice. Gee that cheesecake looks yummy. Annabel is a beautiful girl and I could tell she is a sweetie. You are indeed blessed. xoxo

  5. I just LOVE her smile!!!! What a wonderful celebration you prepared for her!!! I love all the pink and dots and of course, the wonderful teapot (that I have, too!!) The touch of Easter was just delightful----you're such a sweet mommy!!!

    AND....Annabel's expression of the cheesecake is wonderful; made me smile!!!

    She is precious.....


  6. Love Annabel's pink party! She is precious - I'll bet she felt like a wonderful little princess for sure. Such a cute theme...LOVE the Emma teapot, I have the matching cup:) Happy Birthday Annabel! xoxo Jacqui

  7. Hi sweetheart! What a beautiful, sparkly, happy post!! Annabel looks every inch the princess in her gorgeous new dress...& her parents look as proud as can be!! Looks like tghey all had a magical time...& that cheesecake....SCRUMMY!!! Would love a slice right now...together with a chocolate cupcake!!
    Love you xoxoxox R

  8. Oh isn't that the best party ever and isn't Annabel the darlingest princess. It all looks so beautiful--and so do you in your fluttery dress. Cupcakes look adorable. I'm not a cheesecake person but the top is the part I'd love to eat, tho never more than a cupcake! 6 years old and her whole life before her. It's just so wonderful.

  9. What a Beautiful little Princess in Pink, that I'm so proud to call grandaugther!!!
    Seeing Annabel and Anita grow up and so fast has been part of my Happiness.
    Being a grandmother of the most two Sweet Cup cakes is the reason I feel younger, stronger, healthier and loved. Thank you Rosinda and Nuno for giving me the reason to smile everytime I think about my 2 precious babies.
    Love you all,


  10. Oh, sweetie, you made such a lovely princess party in pink for
    dear Annabel!!! What a happy pricess she is!! All the cupcakes
    and the cheesecake with berries look so delicious!!! Each age
    has its blessings and you have two darling daughters to
    experience the journey with, so aren't you the lucky one?!!!
    I know you learned your loving ways from your mother!!
    Hugs, Sherry xoxo

  11. Annabel's dress is beautiful! The color really compliments her. :)

    It looks like a very fun princess party, and the cheesecake looks delish!

  12. What a fun party and a very pretty little princess...XoXo