Monday, December 26, 2011

And It's Christmas, Once More!

Hello everyone!  Another Christmas has come and gone.  I hope your Christmas day was merry; filled with family, friends, yummy food and precious memories.  It was a lovely Christmas here at our house, although my little Annabel was sick.  The last thing I wanted, was for my little pumpkin to be sick on Christmas Eve, but she was a tough cookie and didn't let it get the best of her. 

Earlier this week...

Annabel's "Christmas Craft Celebration" took place in her classroom at school.  Children were asked to invite one special person to come to the celebration.  Since Daddy had to work, I was the lucky attendee! 

The class welcomed guests by singing three special Christmas songs

Annabel working on her wreath craft

We worked on it together

Annabel and her BFF, Kate!

Students and their guests enjoyed a hot chocolate topped
with mini marshmallows and rice crispy treats!

How I love these little hands!

I baked these Pistachio Christmas Tree Cakes for family on Christmas Eve

December 24th...

I made this double chocolate ganache cake for my sister's birthday.  We celebrated
at my parents' house on Christmas Eve.  It was a special sister turned 22,
her champagne year (she was born on December 22nd). 

Cheers to that!

Christmas Eve...

Setting out the milk and cookies for Santa's visit


Annabel fast asleep after a long evening


It's M-A-G-I-C!

Mama Claus making pancakes

Daddy frying the bacon and maple sausages

A stack of Christmas pancakes

Our Christmas breakfast

After breakfast, we went on to open the rest of the presents under the Christmas tree.  We put on a fire, listened to Christmas music, and enjoyed a lazy morning at home.  It was perfect! 

Today, we are enjoying much of the same thing.  I'm loving these holidays at home with my family.  Nuno is home from work until the New Year, and the girls only go back to school on the second week of January.  This is when I'm home with my husband and my girls enjoying the care-free days that are the holidays.  

I hope you are all enjoying these special days with your family and friends. Wishing you a wonderful week leading up to the New Year.  I can hardly believe 2012 is just around the corner!  Happy Holidays!  xo


  1. I just love you and your family. You're what all the good things in life are meant to be. SO fun to see all your Xmas activities and the birthday too. I brings me back to my own childhood and being a young mom too. As long as there are families like yours in the world, everything will be wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  2. It looks like y'all had a beautiful Christmas!!


  3. How fun to go to school and help with Christmas crafts!! What a special time it is with all the holiday festivities and it looks like you all had a fabulous time!!! It is always so great to get together with family but also wonderful to just be with the immediate family in quiet times!! Happy New Year to the whole family, dear Rosinda...but first, there will be your birthday!! Love and hugs, Sherry xxxx

  4. What a relaxing time you are having---I have my granddaughters for two nights and then my youngest daughter takes them for a couple of nights---then maybe they'll come back here; we'll see....I love the stack of Christmas pancakes!!! They look splendid!!!


  5. Wonderful pictures classroom fun and Christmas morning. Those are the biggest pancakes. Last time I saw them that big I was in CA up in the Redwood Forest at a diner, they were called Lumberjacks. They look delicious! The cakes are beautiful. What a wonderful baker you are Rosinda. I agree with Nancy, your family is wonderful!

  6. Rosinda,
    Once again, you put a big smile on my face. Every sentence so well said. What a happy family you are.... Complete with everything, Love, respect and trust. I'm so lucky to be part of your Happiness, as Iam the most proud Mom, Mother-in-law and grandmother in the World. Happy New Year to you, Nuno, Anita and Annabel. I love you all. XOXO

  7. That's a perfect stack of pancakes! It looks like you had a wonderful, family Christmas!

    Happy New Year!

  8. oh you sound like me :) Love being home with my family.

    we forgot christmas morning pictures, Rosinda! and i tried hard to have everything perfect... argh... i'm hoping my son can catch something from his video.

    we eat breakfast after stockings and santa gifts too :)

    Denise of Ingleside

  9. I loved reading about your Christmas, and Nancy's comment says it so well, I'll just say, "Ditto!" xoxo


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