Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

I've been holding off on putting up our Christmas tree because of the unseasonably mild, snow-free days we've been having lately.  Every year, I wait for the blanket of snow to arrive before I think of putting up the tree.  But this year, I could wait no longer.  Snow, or no snow, Sunday, I decided would be the day.  The girls were so anxious, as was I, to get our tree up and decorated.
I've used artificial and natural trees in the past.  I have to say, there are advantages to both, but truly, there is nothing like a real tree.  I love that it's alive and breathing, and the scent of pine in the house...mmm!   So why did I have an artificial tree?  Well, a few years ago, I saw a new kind of Christmas tree, selling in stores, with lights already hung.  It was all the rage, and I too, got sucked into the buying frenzy.  

After breakfast, on Sunday morning, Nuno and I went to our basement to lug the big box containing our tree, up the stairs.  We opened it up and put the tree together, pretty quickly.  But, when it came time to plug in the lights, well, that wasn't so easy.  Half of them were lit, half were not.  Nuno spent some time trying to figure out why this was happening.  Meanwhile, I was secretly hoping the lights wouldn't work, so we could have an excuse to buy a real tree again. 

And so it was, the Christmas tree went back into the box, and is now sitting in the garage, waiting to be donated to someone or someplace willing to play around with the lights.  A couple hours later, we took a drive to Drysdale's.  It is a 400 acre tree farm; approximately fifteen minutes from our home.

The sign at the entrance of the tree farm

One of the first things we saw when we entered the farm, was this marshmallow stand,
complete with marshmallows and long wooden sticks, for roasting them!

Nuno and the girls around the big fire, roasting marshmallows.

As you can see from the photos, it was raining, but we didn't let a little rain stop us from having fun.

Me, holding a perfectly roasted marshmallow Nuno made for me.

Adorable wooden reindeer for sale

Some of the beautiful ornaments for sale inside the Evergreen Store

Anita and I oohing and ahhing over the ornaments

A selection of saws to pick from, to cut down the perfect tree!

This is the tractor-drawn wagon arriving to take us out to the plantation.
You can see people getting off with their fresh cut trees!

After some searching, we found the perfect tree for us - a six foot blue spruce.
Anita and Annabel are taking turns helping Daddy cut the tree.  It happened so fast.  I was
expecting it to take some time, but it probably took an entire two minutes!

Thank you, honey, for always taking us on these wonderful adventures!

Here's a little video...

Baled tree on top of our car, ready to come home with us.

But before we left, we saw hot apple dumplings for sale at the snack bar.  I'd never tried an apple dumpling before, so I bought one for us to try.  Boy, oh boy, was it ever good!!

When we got home, we put the tree in water, decorated it with lights, garland and special ornaments.  And this year, we have a new star!

Here are some photos...

Now, all it needs is a tree skirt and more presents under the tree.  I'm working on that! 

By the way, we still don't have any snow on the ground.  I'm okay with that, but come December, I'd like a little snow.  I'm not asking for a lot, just a little white stuff. 

This weekend, I'll be baking cookies for the annual cookie exchange at my friend, Sandy's house.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I hope you are all feeling Christmasy and cosy.  I love Christmas and I can't wait for the holidays!!  Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!  xo


  1. Nothing can duplicate the scent of a real tree.... The only variety that grows naturally here is a pine, and with the drought and fires in the Piney Woods here, we thought it best to go artificial again for a while...til the forest has a chance to regrow! Your tree is beautiful and your special day brought back memories of our tree-cutting times of the past! Wonderful, festive post..especially the video! xo

  2. Such fun! The Marshmallow Stand is brilllllliant! I've never seen one. You have been completely deprived, Rosinda, of apple dumplings. So sad. Glad you made up for it. Baked apple, sugar, spice, dough-what's not to love? And all up and decorated = perfection. Thanks for sharing a lovely day with us!

  3. I LOVE this post, Rosinda!! And how wonderful to hear your voice! You sound so like Joann!! Fun, fun, fun!! To cut down your own tree in such a charming area...like walking into a Norman Rockwell painting! And your decorated tree would look perfect in my little cabin! Ha! Happy baking for the cookie exchange!! Just got the word from my girlfriend we will be doing the same at our bunco Christmas party! Yay! Happy Holidays, sweetie!! Hugs, Sherry xxxx

  4. What a wonderful outing to find your tree. I'm kinda glad your tree didn't light up so we could see you go cut down a fresh tree. Your tree looks beautiful. Love all the red, I bought some more red ornaments for our tree this year. I also noticed the white felt bird near the top of your tree, wonder where that came from? ~smile~
    I really like the farm where you got your tree and that they had marchmellows to roast, how fun!
    I've never had an apple dumpling either, it looks wonderful. Also loved hearing your voice and seeing the video!

  5. Oh wowza how super fun to see and hear all that. You look especially beautiful in your pics above (smiling!) and I love hearing you (for the first time!) and your adorable Canadian accent. The tree looks beautiful--love the gingham garland, great idea. I always used my mother's stained glass ornaments (which of course I still have) and some red gingham bows. Never thought of a garland. I'm sure Mother Nature will be so impressed with your beauty, Nuno's brawn cutting down a tree like it's a toothpick in 2 seconds, and 2 adorable girls in snowclothes that before you know it, you'll be up to your chin in snow and yearning for spring!

  6. Rosinda,
    Another beautiful true story that will stay in our hearts to be treasure for ever. I loved seeing the mini video. I could feel the happiness on every one's faces. Four so very SPECIAL people that decorate my life. I'm so Blessed and Thankful for you,Nuno and the love of my life" My Anita and my Ananbel. Love you all soooooooo very much!!! XOXOX

  7. Rosinda, it's your favourite sister (your only sister hahaha!), just wanted to say I love this <3 You really do appreciate the good things in life.. I love you !!!

  8. This was so wonderful!!!! Rosinda, the photograph with you and the marshmallow is the most beautiful picture of you that I've ever seen; you are absolutely glowing!!!!! The video was so fun!!! DARLING!! Thankyou for sharing it with us!! Your tree is gorgeous.....and I got goosebumps seeing ornaments from last year on it....what a dear!! I know you'll get a little snow in December.....just you wait!!

    xoxo Love, Joann

  9. Gorgeous post, as usual Rosinda! Glad I caught up with it - especially love the video (Annabel trying to stay out of the picture!! Like me....:-) The tree is beautiful - I see some special decorations that I recognise! So happy to hear your lovely voice and share in your family adventure & traditions. Love you sweetie xoxo

  10. What a wonderful adventure! I love the video. Your tree is beautiful and I believe I recognize some Tweetette influence :-)

  11. Love it! You almost make me want to blog again... We'll see, lol! 

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  13. What a fun tradition to share with your girls! They will remember those times forever! And what a sweet place to cut down your tree! They surely have thought of EVERYTHING necessary for a wonderful Christmastime experience! Such fun to hear you on your little video. Cuteness! The tree is beautifully decorated! Wonderful job! xoxo...Karen