Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's Cooking Wednesday

Hello everyone!  Although, it isn't quite Fall yet, I can already feel it's presence all around me.  The temperatures have dropped, students are back at school, and my mood is changing.  I'm looking for the warm, cozy, comfort food only Fall can bring!  Here's a little taste of what's been cooking in my kitchen...

Beets are in season from Summer through to Fall.  This is a beet salad.  First, I roasted beets in the oven, sliced them and then added crumbled goat cheese, parsley, a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and freshly cracked pepper.  It is DELICIOUS!  Give a try...I think you'll like it (even if you don't love beets).

Crispy baked chicken drums together with fresh, Ontario bi-coloured corn, and mashed sweet potatoes (with a sprinkle of cinnamon & nutmeg)

Oven-roasted paprika chicken served with medley of white and sweet potatoes

My garden basil, pine nuts, shredded gruyere cheese, olive oil, ready to be made into pesto

Grilled chicken breast served with pesto Penne and grilled skewer shrimp.

A little inspiration for last night's dinner...

...Julia Child's french onion soup!

Farmer's market onions

Julia-inspired french onion soup, served with toasted french baguette, topped with melted Gruyere cheese


  1. MMMMMM!!! Wonderful Rosinda...the fried chicken (adore sweet potato) & yummy onion soup. Now, why have you gone all french, I wonder??? Can smell the delicious fragrance of your kitchen from here, I swear. How wonderful for the girls to tumble home from school, cold & tired, and find an amazing homecooked supper waiting! Love you sweetie xoxoxo

  2. As I was reading this (and marveling at all the deliciousness), I was thinking the same thing as Rachel - how wonderful for the girls to come home to this good, nurturing food every day! I just know that you all gather around the table together and that bodies and souls are well nourished there. xoxo

  3. I agree with both Ray and Janie---I was fortunate enough to be home when my girls were little and they still talk about some of the meals we had. This all looks SO DELICIOUS Rosinda...the paprika chicken looks so perfectly browned and the pesto....well, that probably filled the house with such an unbelievable aroma....all fantastic!!!!

  4. Rosinda!!! Here I am barely awake and now, thanks to YOU--starving. Everything looks so totally ultra fantastic I could graze my way right through the computer screen! How interesting to make pesto with gruyere--never saw that before. Cool idea.

    Beets look amazing. Once a Florida cousin looked at me with amazement when I said I loved all veg. "Even BEETS?" he asked with disbelief. Then of course I said I LOVED beets, one of my faves. Think it was Wolfgang Puck who started pairing them with goat cheese in big stacks like Napoleons--he still makes a big deal out of that dish. Think I'd rather have it your way cause then it wouldn't fly apart into my lap when trying to cut thru a stack.

    Keep up all the good cooking--it's super fun to experience!

  5. Have you read Julia Child's memoir? (I think it's called My Life in France) Ever since I finished it, I've been curious to browse through her cookbooks. Your soup looks delicious!

    Oh, and this may be the first time I've ever craved beets. I'm definitely going to experiment with that salad!

  6. You make beets look delicious! And since you can pull off that bit of magic, of course everything else looks sumptuous! Your family is sooo lucky to have you!