Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kempenfest, A Special Find, And A Yummy Recipe!

Last weekend, Nuno, the girls, and I attended Kempenfest, the annual arts and crafts show located on the edge of Barrie's waterfront.  The festival, now in its 42nd year, is one of the largest arts and crafts shows in all of Canada!  We have visited every summer since our move to Barrie. 

There were over 350 artisans selling arts, crafts, antiques and one-of-a-kind items!  The festival also included a midway, food vendors, and a live music stage with ample space for dancing.  We took a break to watch couples dance to music from the fifties and sixties.  It was so much fun watching them; even I found my feet tapping! 

I enjoyed walking through the almost never ending maze of vendors and seeing the myriad of handmade, unique items available for sale.  It was great to see so many talented individuals all gathered together in one place.

I took some photos to share with you...

This is one of many antique exhibits at the festival.  Can you see the waters of Kempenfelt Bay, just behind the tent?

We arrived early in the morning to avoid the crowds and the sweltering heat of the afternoon sun.
By lunch hour, you could hardly squeeze by this path!

Here are more exhibits down another path along the water.  I saw lots of happy people carrying their new found treasures! 

Look how crowded it is now!

This is a photo of my girls and I posing for a picture by the rows of pink petunias.  I brought along a bag to carry around my purchases.  Can you guess what I have inside?

I'll give you ten guesses, but I still don't think you'll guess.  Hmm...maybe if I give you a couple of clues.  It's brown and breakable. It's used for baking cookies, a special type of cookie.  Do you know now?


It's a vintage shortbread cookie mold!

When I saw it at the festival, it said "BUY ME" all over it.  I found it at a booth where the vendor was selling antique and vintage items.  Isn't it precious? 

Now, I know it isn't Christmas, and shortbread is usually reserved for holiday indulgence, BUT... 

...I just had to try it out!  I mean, wouldn't you?

I went online and looked for a recipe for Scottish Shortbread.  I went on to learn that traditional Scottish shortbread is made with only three ingredients:

butter, sugar, and flour

Traditionally, it is made with 1 part sugar, 2 parts butter, and 3 parts flour. 

I used the recipe from this website:

The only change I made, was to eliminate the vanilla.  I wanted to taste the full flavor of the butter without the influence of vanilla.  I also added a pinch of salt to bring out the flavor of the unsalted butter I used.  I must say, it was the most delicious shortbread I have ever tasted!

Needless to say, the shortbread did not last very long.  Nine cookies divided by four shortbread-loving persons, equals less than twenty-four hours before they were all gobbled up. 

You can use this same recipe to make your own shortbread.  You don't need a shortbread mold.  Instead of spreading the shortbread in a pan, roll the dough into a log, freeze it until firm and then slice with a sharp knife into equal rounds.  Place on a cookie sheet, bake and enjoy! 

Thank you for stopping in.  I love sharing my world with you! 
Have a wonderful, happy Sunday! xoxo


  1. Well well well!! Who can complain about a cool festival/flea market that ends with a picture of three pretty girls in and by the flowers AND eating shortbread. That looks fantastic. I want to Kempenfest too!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Maybe one day we can Kempenfest together?! How much fun would that be? xo

  2. I have several shortbread molds similar to this (different patterns). We LOVE shortbread. If I get unexpected company and want to serve a cup of tea, shortbread is the quickest tastiest cookie! The molds are kind of expensive to buy here but well worth the cost when you get the results! Your Christmas one here was a real find!!! Pat M. :-)

    1. Hello Pat! Thank you for stopping in and leaving me a comment. I had never come across a shortbread mold like this one before. I was lucky to find it! :o)

  3. I have always loved cookie molds, but was unsure how to use them. Do you bake them in the pan, and then they safely tumble out when cool? Looks sooo good. And that's a great picture w the Antunes women and the petunias! What a terrific day. So sorry I'm late--catching time as I can. xo

    1. Yes, you bake the cookies right in the pan. I brushed my mold with a bit of Pam baking spray and just spread the dough into it. The cookies all come out in one piece and you have to cut them into squares while they're still warm. If you click on the recipe link, it explains in better detail. Thanks for your comments. You are a dear for taking the time. xoxo

    2. Thank you, Rosinda! Maybe I'll be brave...:)

  4. Shortbread has always been my buttery and rich..Looks like you all had a fun day together!! xo

  5. I'm so behind on my blog reading, but I'm so happy I finally got caught up to yours!!! Your summer is so rich and full of wonderful memories and such a find....

    I think I need to go to this wonderful event sometime!!!!

    Thank you for sharing....xoxo

    Joann in CO

  6. Hi, Rosinda! I am so so sorry I am way behind! Your festival is charming and right beside the bay is just lovely! I used to do shortbread and just love your cookie mold! How fun for the holidays and lots of cookie baking! You could do this for your cookie exchange! You and the girls look so beautiful...I know it is quite an adjustment when school begins for all of you, but it will be an exciting year with new teachers, and then fun fall activities!! Sending you lots of hugs, Sherry xoxo

  7. I thought you were going to say you had chocolate in the bag lol but the shortbread mold is even better :)

    Love it that it's nice and old fashioned :)

    thanks for sharing,

  8. Beautiful shortbread mold. And you can actually see the pictures on the finished shortbread. I always wondered about that. I have one that my friend from Brazil gave me but have never used it! And you have a Cath Kidston bag!! Did you buy many when you visited there?