Monday, July 16, 2012

Lazy, Girly Summer Days...

I cannot believe that nearly one month has passed since my last post!  I think the lazy days of summer have really taken a toll on me.  Gone are the routines of school days - waking up early, preparing lunches and snacks, dropping off and picking up the girls at school, homework schedules and early bedtimes.  The lack of routine has given way to a more relaxed state of being and slower-paced days at our house, resulting in less blog posts for me.  Please excuse me, after all, it IS summer vacation.

So, what have I been up to lately?  Well, Nuno was away for a few days last week; at a fishing trade show in Florida.  It was the first time he had ever flown anywhere without us. We knew we would miss him terribly, so the girls and I tried to keep ourselves busy every day... 

We made personal pan pizzas for dinner

We had a picnic lunch at the park

...and some fun afterwards.  Whee!

One day, we even went for afternoon tea together!

After five days of girly fun, we were so ready to have him back!

AND everybody knows that only daddy can make a bow and arrow for his girls and teach them to shoot it!  (Annabel is pretending to be Merida, from the new Disney movie, Brave)

Summer in our garden...

This huge sunflower is growing in our backyard. 
I think it was one of the chipmunks who buried a sunflower seed there. 

These pretty pansies were planted in the late spring by Annabel. 
They are multiplying and looking so beautiful!

This photo was taken this afternoon.  Henrietta is cooling off in the shade; under the
 hydrangea bush; next to the petunias.

For dinner tonight, pesto rice was on the menu!  I used basil leaves from our herb garden and
pulsed them with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, garlic, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil.  Yummy!

Of course, summer would not be summer without BBQ.  Nuno grilled this delicious and tender
strip loin steak for our dinner.

It has been a very dry, hot and humid summer so far.  We've been enjoying the hot days as much as we can; sneaking into the house (air conditioned) for some relief when necessary.  I'm sorry to say that the summer is halfway through.  It's funny because I seem to find that I never have enough "summer" to do everything I want to do.  Although I must say, I AM looking forward to fall, one of the prettiest seasons of all!  How are you spending your summer?  Hope you're enjoying the weather and making the most of the season!  Enjoy the rest of the week!  xo